We have a special team at humanpredictions.

We care about diversity and though we’re not perfect, we’re always working on diversifying the perspective, experience, and backgrounds contributing to our team. Our team ranges from awesome and curious beginners to talent leaders and Software/Product/Data engineers who have worked at Thoughtworks, DRW Trading, Groupon, Prismatic and IDEO.

Lindsey DiCello
Customer Success
People helping people is the kind of world I want to live in, so if I can start by improving someone’s job situation or outlook on their job, imagine how that can bleed into bigger things!

Austin Leatham
A friend once told me, “if you want to be a better musician, perform with people that are better than you.” As a developer with a background in business, I’m responsible for scaling infrastructure to meet increasing data needs and improving performance bottlenecks for better end user response time.

Nikki Jo Zettler
QA + Data
My career in tech has had many twists and turns since it began in the 80’s so I wear a lot of different hats here at hp. My main focus is to make sure our customers get the best experience possible by testing HARD and by analyzing our data (and there’s a lot of it) to help make the best product and process decisions.

Zachary Sexton
Data Integrity
Make opportunities to help people — life is better when you are apart of something bigger than yourself. I’m just solving problems and helping people get jobs to further their careers. What about you?

Julie Connors
Customer Success
From film to recruiting to education and back, I’m known for my contribution to the growth of ThoughtWorks to over 5000 employees in more than 40 locations. While a lot has changed in the 15+ years I’ve worked with companies on recruiting, one thing remains constant: ultimately, I want to help other people succeed.

Shelby Young
Customer Success
I love seeing growth and being able to have impact. I prefer dogs over people, but solving problems for people — that I enjoy!

Ken Payne
Data Integrity
Tinkering and solving problems with hardware and software are at my core, so you can find me digging into data to inform decisions. It doesn’t hurt that I have a unique background in customer service and journalism to view the data through a different lens.

Leo Tartari
I treasure simplicity that creates ease for others. Developer by way of design, I’ve worked with companies like ThoughtWorks and other startups worldwide solving problems with the end user in mind.

Steve Giron
Data Science
I’m not a rocket scientist, but I do have a PhD in quantum and elementary-particle physics. So why am I at a recruiting-software company? Above all, I love to understand how things work: quarks, technology, and humans. (I’m also half-way through a masters degree in psychology). As a Data Scientist I get insights into patterns of human behavior and how people drop little hints that they’re ready for something new. I help improve bots’ predictions of when people are about to change jobs.

Clever, bot is not. Bot does things to help you do things. It’s because of bot you can do people things and leave computing to computers, or bots :)

Daniel Barulli
Data Science
Data scientist, cognitive neuroscientist, former philosopher, and wannabe Maker who smuggled a table saw into a tiny Manhattan apartment. Who would have guessed pursuing a PhD in the cognitive neuroscience of aging and age-linked diseases would turn into building predictive models to predict career trajectories over time.

John “h” Hundrieser
Paying it forward and helping people is one of the joys of life. There are a lot of things I could do with my time — helping people is the most satisfying to me. I’ve spent the last 20+ years in the software industry helping people and growing companies like DRW Trading, ThoughtWorks, and Groupon. I found that largely, people forget what it’s like to be on the other end of the interview, so I’ve spent my career changing the experience.

Elliott Garms
I grew up in a family of recruiters and started working in the industry when I was 16 years old. My entire career has been spent in tech recruiting. In addition to running my own tech recruiting business for many years, I’ve also lead tech recruiting at Groupon as well as co-founded Dev Bootcamp in Chicago, which was acquired by Kaplan. Computers can never replace people in a human-centric business, but they can help when used to solve the right problems.


Ed Tyler
CEO at Ideapoint Ventures, Former Moore Business Forms CEO, Investor

Eddie Lou
Shiftgig Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, OneGoal Co-Founder, Mom Project Board member, Investor.

Justin Massa
Senior Portfolio Director, Design for Augmented Intelligence @ IDEO

Matt Charney
Chief Content Officer at Allegis Global & Executive Editor @ Recruiting Daily

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We spend most of our time helping customers find people, but we’re growing our team, too! Please email us and tell us a little about yourself and your interests.

Data ScienceShe would analyze and interpret data using SCIENCE! (like Machine Learning and NLP)

Visual DesignShe can design and create many product, marketing and communication artifacts.

Back EndThey love making products that people love to use and hopefully already use Ruby and Python.

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