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The market for hiring in tech is competitive.

Good recruiters need to differentiate themselves from the transactional ones, but it takes time, information, and genuine communication to build long-term relationships. We analyze behavior patterns to show you when to reach out and how to start building the relationship.

We’re data-driven and human-centric.

Computers are really good at doing math, tracking data, and showing trends. Humans know what motivates people, how to build trust, and what it takes to establish relationships. Instead of spending your time digging for data, we believe recruiters should do what they do best: build relationships and connect people with opportunities.

Technology will never replace human conversation.

We are solely tech-focused, so we'll show you what people are building and saying in niche tech communities. You'll learn more about the person than what's on their resume. We do the research for you and want you to take all the credit!

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